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    Welcome to International Wine and Spirits, Inc.

Newest Additions –

Mulligan’s Kentucky Bourbon

Mulligan’s Bourbon was an idea that was developed because of the success of Mulligan’s Grill. Opening in 1993, Mulligan’s Grill was built around a theme and menu that was creatively tied to the game of golf. At the foundation of Mulligan’s premium brand strategy is knowing the value of consistency, quality and service. These three brand pillars have led to their success today… and will continue to lead the way in the future. Mulligan’s Bourbon follows in the same business philosophy. It took two years of research and development before we decided on the final product, which is a small batch Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whisky that has aged 4 years and is bottled at 80 proof. Distilled in the age old tradition of charred new white oak barrels to pull out the flavors of the wood, and subtle vanilla tones assure a well balanced and incredibly smooth taste that’s perfect any way you like it.


Mata Hari Absinthe

After a nearly one hundred year prohibition, absinthe has made its return to the United States. The infamous spirit is once again able to be enjoyed by citizens across the country, however, not all absinthes are created equal. The absinthe most people have been associated with is the French style drink. Characterized by a heavy anise (known to us as dark licorice) flavor, these absinthes are generally enjoyed only in the traditional ritual, with water and a little sugar, or maybe as a bitters substitute in a limited range of cocktails. Enjoyed in these more pure ways, absinthe, while exciting and delicious has limited its appeal and reach only to those who enjoyed the anise flavor. Bohemian style absinthe however, does not hail from France. In the case of Mata Hari absinthe, this bohemian recipe comes from Austria and has been in the Fischer family since 1881. Mata Hari has the same natural green color, grande wormwood(the subject of the controversy that led to the banning of absinthe) and louche effect of French style absinthe, but that is where her deception ends. The much less anise heavy taste leaves a far more desirable flavor when enjoyed in the traditional ritual or in one of the many cocktails that can be created with Mata Hari. Grab a bottle of Mata Hari today and be sure to see some of the excellent cocktails that can be made with the first and only Bohemian absinthe available in the United States, or enjoy it in the traditional ritual.


Welcome to IWS

Welcome to IWS

Since its creation in 1999, The Fernandez Brothers, owners of Miami-based International Wine and Spirits, Inc. (IWS)., have been leading the way for independent wholesalers in Florida.

Our mission is to provide profit generating brands together with excellence in customer service for all our on and off premise partnerships.

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Our Products

Our Products

IWS is dedicated to Importing and Distributing Wines, Beers and Spirits from all over the world.

IWS has become a valued choice for Florida Retailers. Our commitment to excellent customer service, profitable brands and solid focus makes IWS a solid partner.

We invite you to taste, drink, celebrate and enjoy with responsibility our Fine brands everyday.