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Rompope Coronado

Rompope Coronado Rompope (“rohm-POH-pay”) is frequently called “Mexican eggnog.” It usually contains eggs, milk, vanilla flavoring and rum. Rumpope was first made at a convent in Puebla, Mexico in the 1600s. The drink is popular around the Christmas holiday, just as regular eggnog would be. There are so many ways to enjoy Coronado Rompope. It’s […]

Ron Caribe

Ron Caribe from Yucatan, Mexico Embedded in coral., it was no easy feat to extract the rum bottle from the chest. All rum begins with sugarcane. Yucatan’s sultry climate and D’Aristi’s fine cane selections come together in one of Mexico’s finest rums. Enjoy Ron Caribe in a Caribe Citrus, Cuba Caribe or Cranberry Caribe Fresh […]

Santa Prisca Artisan Sangrita

Drinks made with Sangrita: 1. Cheladita We’ll start with an easy one to warm up, you just need a cold beer, two sangrita shots, and a slice of lime. Pour the beer into a glass, then add the sangrita, and finally squeeze the lime into the glass to get a rica Cheladita. 2. Beergarita-Rita  The […]