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Don Pascual Cabernet Merlot

Don Pascual Cabernet Merlot A balanced blend bringing out the best characteristics of each variety. An elegant wine with maximum emphasis of the Cabernet meanwhile incorporating the silky, full body and gentle tannins of the Merlot. Appearance: Clear, medium ruby red colour Nose: Notes of quince, cherries and black olives Palate: Fresh and nicely rounded […]

Don Pascual Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Don Pascual Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is a variety suited to the hot climate of Uruguay allowing it to ripen fully and balancing the tannins and acidity typical of this grape. Appearance: Deep purple colour Nose: Intense aromas of ripe black fruits with hints of chocolate and spices Palate: Full […]

Don Pascual Chardonnay

Don Pascual Chardonnay New world style wine focusing on the right time to harvest so as to enhance the notes of toasted bread and honey with the target intensity for our classic range. Appearance: Delicate pale gold colour Nose: Intense and fresh aromas of peaches and tropical fruit accentuating floral aromas and hints of toast […]

Don Pascual Merlot

Don Pascual Merlot Variety: Merlot 100% Merlot stands out as one of the varieties that has best adapted to Uruguayan soil and with which Establecimiento Juanico can compare to other Merlots worldwide. Appearance: Intense garnet with tones of ruby. Nose: Notes of chocolate, cherries and raspberries. Palate: Fruity, full-bodied wine with a long finish. Food […]

Don Pascual Pinot Noir Reserve

Don Pascual Pinot Noir Reserve Variety: Pinot Noir 100% Selected vineyards with low yields, grape selection and cold pre fermentation maceration are the key for this very typical Pinot Noir. Appearance: Bright purple red in colour Nose: Intense aromas of cherries and fruits of the forest Palate: Nicely rounded with intense notes of red fruits, […]

Don Pascual Tannat

Don Pascual Tannat Don Pascual is a tribute to Pascual Harriague, a French-Basque who introduced the Tannat grape variety to the Uruguayan vineyards. The ripeness of Tannat depends very much on the terroir and climate which is favourable in the Juanic√≥ region. It allows for good development of the grape and combined with special care […]

Don Pascual Tannat Merlot

Don Pascual Tannat Merlot Varieties: Tannat 50% & Merlot 50% The very best qualities of each grape variety blend together perfectly in this classic Uruguayan red wine. Appearance: Deep, bright purple Nose: Delicious aromas of red fruits, raspberry, blackberries and cherries Palate: Elegant and rounded with velvety tannins Food pairings: Ideal to accompany red meats, […]

Don Pascual Tannat Reserve

Don Pascual Tannat Reserve Variety: Tannat 100% Our Don Pascual brand is a tribute to Pascual Harriague who introduced the Tannat grape variety to Uruguay. Meticulous vineyard management together with innovative wine making techniques enhances the character of this wine with soft and rounded tannins. Appearance: Intense purple colour with violet reflections Nose: Notes of […]