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Moritz Spanish Beer

Barcelona's Best BeerMoritz sell-sheet

MORITZ Barcelona’s Beer

MORITZ contains refreshing hop aromas very pleasant to the palate. The traditional addition of this bitter flower gives to the beer a great body and a special character. The soft malt notes are refined by the balanced yeast during the fermentation process controlled at low temperature.

MORITZ is perfect for the warm Mediterrannen summers and should be consumed chilled. However, Its aromatic ingredients permit it to be enjoyed at warmer temperatures, an option more common in central european The genuine beer from Barcelona. Great history, great beer. Spanish sunshine in a bottle. Do enough eating, drinking or walking around in the food-crazed city of Barcelona and the signs are hard to miss: a big, blue M on a canary yellow background, announcing the return of Moritz beer to Spain‚ Catalonia region. Moritz has a smart look that‚ is somehow both nostalgic and modern looking.

As for the taste of MORITZ: a beer loving friend recently returned from Barcelona “Very slightly buttery but a lovely blend of German and Czech character sorts things out well enough. Clean as a whistle pale gold with a thin white head. Wow, this is actually really tasty. Good slightly sweet malt, really nice delicate citric hops. Lovely balance of sweet and bitter.Very drinkable. A pleasant surprise”

Moritz Beer from Barcelona