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American Barrels Kentucky Bourbon Arrives

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A full, rich caramel aroma with a hint of vanilla and rye spiciness. Youthful and balanced bourbon, with a lingering caramel sweetness and subtle oaky finish.

It’s no secret the bottle is a knockout, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. American Barrels Bourbon Whiskey is ultra smooth and rich in flavor with a perfectly balanced caramel-vanilla finish. And at 90 proof, it’s been accused of being “too drinkable.”

American Barrels pays tribute to our country’s roots in the design of its bottle. The top half is made of glass and shaped to look like a rattlesnake is wrapped around its length, representing the historic American Gadsden flag. While the meaning of this flag has changed over the years, we remember its purest designation, that being a symbol of patriotism.

Similarly, the rattlesnake has meaning beyond the flag. It has been said that Benjamin Franklin preferred the snake to the eagle to represent our great country, as the snake’s vigilance, strength and perseverance made it more suitable.

American Barrels produces meticulously crafted small batch bourbon, distilled and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina. The bottle embodies two things Americans hold dear – whiskey barrels and gun barrels.

CEO and Founder Michael Reed had these sentiments in mind when he started American Barrels, which exemplifies the perfect culmination of American pioneering and innovation, resulting in the smoothest bourbon around.