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Dominican Republic

Bermúdez Aniversario 12 Year Old

Bermudez Aniversario 12 Year Old 1852 Dark brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Blend of rums at least 12 years old. The premium anniversary rum from Bermudez. This 12 year old rum is complex and full of tanins, a very sippable rum. The year 1852 is proudly displayed on the label of each bottle of […]

Bermúdez Don Armando 10 Year Old

Bermudez Don Armando 10 Year Old A very popular rum from Bermudez with a very balanced taste. The age is evident but not overpowered by the oak tanins. A very drinkable rum. Bermudez rums have been produced in the Dominican Republic practically from the beginning of its nationhood making the Bermudez Distillery the oldest commercial […]