Lemon Hart & Sons 151 Rum Joins IWS

Lemon Hart & Son rums, still to this day, are proudly distilled, Bourbon barrel aged and blended at a single estate in the Demerara region of Guyana, to ensure the highest quality, fullest flavoured rums.  The stills, the location, the craft, skill and passion of the people who work at the distillery contribute distinctively to the single source character and flavour of our rums.  When you buy single estate, you know quality as your source.


Guyana’s Demerara region is renowned throughout the world for its rich and unparalleled 300-year history of sugarcane plantations and rum production. Similar to the distinctive production regions of Cognac and Champagne, the credentials of authentic Demerara rum include distillation and aging within this specific region of Guyana. At the distillery itself, the time honoured techniques, standards and methods of the age-old art of rum distillation, aging and blending are maintained, all working in harmony with the most up-to-date facilities and equipment in the industry. Use of an old wooden coffey still (the last operating still of its kind in the world today) and wooden pot still are key to the very distinctive, aromatic and flavourful marks that distinguish Lemon Hart & Son rums as rare and magnificent.  Rum always, since 1804.