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Chevalier Alexis Lichine Sparkling Wine


Chevalier Alexis Lichine Sparkling Wine

French Sparkling Wine from Burgundy Area.

Golden in color. Blackberry Cherry incense and a little cocoa and mushrooms on the nose. Durable and dense fine bubbles. Micro-light white fruit aroma and fruit pulp, and aroma of cream cakes. Refined and elegant sparkling wine, rich and balanced taste, with fresh fruit, such as apricot, white peach.

Aroma – can be reminiscent of fresh applesauce, spiced apple, ripe pear and “fresh baked bread” smells, compliments of the yeast that’s added during the second fermentation.

Flavor – apple, pear, citrus, strawberry, cream and vanilla (typically on the finish), yeast and nutty flavors are all common denominators in Sparkling wines and Champagnes. However, if there is more ripe tree fruit on the palate, then it is likely one of the New World sparkling wines, the more subtle creamy, yeast and nut-like flavors are more common in Old World Champagne.