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Bermúdez Aniversario 12 Year Old


Bermudez Aniversario 12 Year Old 1852

Dark brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. Blend of rums at least 12 years old.
The premium anniversary rum from Bermudez. This 12 year old rum is complex and full of tanins, a very sippable rum.

The year 1852 is proudly displayed on the label of each bottle of Bermudez Rum indicating the year in which the Bermudez family began to produce rum commercially. In fact, the Bermudez Rum has been produced in the Dominican Republic practically from the beginning of its nationhood making the Bermudez Distillery the oldest commercial rum distillery in the Dominican Republic. The Bermudez Anniversario is the premium rum in their range and my personal favourite from the Bermudez family. It enters the countdown as the 25th Best Rum in the World.

Ron Bermudez has a tradition of more than one and a half century in the preparation of the highest quality rum, having the Dominican Republic’s oldest aging cellar. Bermúdez has highest priority for smoothness, achieving with it a genuine and unique personality, the result of a unique process of distillation and aging.

Historically, Bermudez is the most legitimate family name in Dominican Republic rum. One of Christopher Columbus’ first companions, Don Diego Bermudez, brought the sugar cane from which alcohol is extracted, basic raw material of rum preparation. Bermudez Rum traces its origin to 1852, when Don Erasmo Bermudez created the formula of the Bitter Panacea, a rum recipe that became famous. Established eight years after the foundation of the Dominican Republic, J. Armando Bermudez Co. C por A has been attached to the nation since its beginning.