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Cantina Aurora Dolce Stilnovo

Dolce Stilnovo Rosso-6246

Cantina Aurora Dolce Stilnovo

Dolce Stilnovo (“Sweet-New-Style”) is a term used by literary critics to explain Dante Alighieri’s style of Poetry. It is also the perfect name for our light, crisp, frothy, sweet red wine. Technically, it is a MPF (Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato –Partially fermented must). In reality it is stylized to be similar to our Moscato Piemonte. It is, however, a pale red wine, similar to Bracchetto D’Acqui, but less costly. We are confident that you will enjoy this fragrant, fruity, fizzy red young and chilled. It is made from old vines fermented in enclosed stainless steel tanks under pressure. The crackle is a natural part of the fermentation process.

Freisa Dolce is a clone of the small-berried Freisa Piccola vine which thrives in Asti and Alessandria. It is bitter-sweet with nuances of strawberries, raspberries and violets. It usually produces light, frothy reds to be enjoyed young. Malvasia Nera grows in Alto Adige, Puglia, Tuscany, and Piedmont. It is an aromatic red grape, most notably blended with Sangiovese or Negroamaro. Crusaders brought it to Western Europe from Greece and Crete. Moscato Nera is a Piedmontese variation of the pink-skinned Moscato Rosa of Alto Adige. It is a fragrant, flavorful yet delicate grape, good for both winemaking and eating.
A brilliant light red color. The aroma of strawberries and raspberries. Sweet with good acidity, balances, aromatic, clean, almost creamy
About equal amounts of Freisa Dolce, Moscato Nero, and Malvasia Nera
Food Affinities
All manner of light desserts. Excellent with or atop fruit

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