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Xtabentún Anis and Honey Liqueur

Xtabentún (Final)

Xtabentún (pronounced ish-tah-ben-TOON) – Anis and Honey Liqueur

Xtabentún is a liqueur with a long history in the Yucatan, originating with the Mayan production of honey made from the Xtabentun flower. D’Aristi Xtabentun evolved from a liquor produced by the Mayans with the addition of native anis flavor introduced by the Spaniards around 1550. Available in vibrant, stucco, hand-crafted decanters and classic bottles, this liqueur has a delicate flavor and aroma, as natural and exotic as its homeland of sun and history in the Yucatan. Serve straight, cold, or with ice and honey; a great accompaniment to coffee–a Mayan coffee, or in equal parts with tequila for a Yucatan Margarita.

Vibrant yellow with a bright greenish hue. Concentrated anisette from beginning to end; finishes with a thick, rich honey. Chocolaty and warm, with a minty middle. A well-made, well-balanced product. Great with espresso or cappuccino.

D’Aristi Xtabentun is a distinctive Mayan liqueur produced in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is quite difficult to find elsewhere. Named for the small flowers from which local bees derive their nectar, Xtabentun is blended from rum, fermented honey and anise. Although often enjoyed straight, this comforting yet refreshing honey liqueur is also delicious in coffee or mixed with tequila and lime juice.

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