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Jean Bouchard Chablis

JeanBouchard-Chablis 2011-6364

Jean Bouchard Chablis

100% Chardonnay

Chablis is an historic wine-producing town in northern-central France. It produces light, dry white wines famed for their minerality and crisp acidity. AOC Chablis wines are produced exclusively from Chardonnay.

The Maison Albert Bichot is one of these legendary Negoce Houses of Burgundy. It is arduous to summarize in a single page such an institution with all its intricate complexity and expertise accumulated over two centuries. This Beaune family company has served private clients in France and abroad since times when wine was delivered Bichot_albericby the cask only. This respectable “Maison Beaunoise” was funded in 1831 and had its start in Meursault. It is still owned today by the Bichot family and now in its 6th generation, it is managed by Albéric Bichot