Bodega Cuatro Rayas

Since the beginning, some of the priorities of the Cooperative have been taking care of the environment and the well-being of the people who live in rural areas. This commitment to a natural and social environment where we develop our business is now supported by the launching of ‘green & social’, a hallmark that attests the actions carried out in all the stages of the production of our wines to improve the living standard of our members and workers and the protection of the environment.

The raison d’être of Bodega Cuatro Rayas is making Verdejo wine for the world. Our facilities in La Seca produce around 15 million wine bottles per year distributed in more than 50 countries—including the United States, Russia, Mexico, China, or Japan. Since its establishment in 1935, the winery has become a benchmark in the production of white wine and, in recent years, has won numerous awards for its red, rosé, frizzante, fortified wines, and vermouth.

Three generations of winemakers
to create a wide range of wines

Since the foundation of the winery in 1935, this wine project has teamwork as a base, a special bond between winegrowers, who take care of the grape, and winemakers, who make those fruits to express their best features in the form of wine. Currently, Bodega Cuatro Rayas has an oenology department where two winemaking lovers stand out, becoming an example of a fruitful partnership between professionals. They received the baton from Ángel Calleja—first generation winemaker who for forty harvests represented the bulwark of Cuatro Rayas and the Designation of Origin Rueda.



‘Cuatro Rayas Organic’ is the ultimate expression of our firm commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Organic wines from certified organic agriculture vineyards, with a design that pays tribute to the biodiversity of the vineyard, essential for the balance of the viticultural agrosystem. With certification of fitness for vegan consumption, they are the ideal toast to respect the fauna and the natural environment.

Cuatro Rayas Organic Verdejo

  • Straw yellow with greenish reflections, bright.
  • It has fresh aromas, citrus fruit, and balsamic very characteristic of this variety.
  • In the mouth it is tasty and very persistent.
  • Pairing: Fish, fresh seafood and pasta.




Cuatro Rayas Organic Tempranillo

  • Ruby red color with a medium layer, clean and bright with purple reflections.
  • Intense aroma with hints of ripe berries.
  • In the mouth it is smooth and velvety, with a good balance between alcohol and acidity, without edges, round and long aftertaste.
  • Pairing: Tastes, roasts and cheeses.