Cepa 21

Cepa 21 is an innovative project by the third generation of the Moro family in the heart of Ribera del Duero. It fuses our wine-making experience with modern and avant-garde architecture.

It was born from the passion, legacy, and know-how of the family, focusing on recovering the essence of the varietal. The fruit is the main protagonist in our wines.

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Cepa 21 project has as the MISSION of reaching the hearts of people through unique experiences, wines that leave their legacy and proactive and optimistic collaborators committed to our vision and the sustainability of the planet.

Our VISION is to spread happiness through wine and the magical universe that surrounds it.

«If you like wine, you know about wine»

Our work philosophy is based on four fundamental VALUES:

  • Happiness: we are a winery that smiles, that wants to spread happiness to people; we exist to brighten the life to others.
  • Creativity: we aspire to create different experiences and wines.
  • Dynamism: we are a winery full of proactive people, in constant movement and looking for new ideas.
  • Commitment: we are committed to our vision and to the planet.

Cepa 21 is an attitude that is reflected in our desire to improve, in our nonconformity, in our pursuit of excellence in everything we do, which leads us to test our own limits and capacities to always give our best.


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