Caribú Rum

“ Caribú Rum arises from the practice and
knowledge of the best practices in the rum industry,
and the endeavor of its people in Venezuela to
exceed and measure themselves with the finest”

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The magic of Caribú Rum lies in being a young brand, bold, unstoppable, and innovative.
Defy all paradigms in the rum industry; it is pure, honest. It is authentic, like its
Caribu Rum brakes all stablished, searching new products that tasks you to discover
bigger and better experiences of the senses: sight, taste, smell, memories, and new
experiences create and recreate the palate.

The New Rum Generation

The brand is like a youngster that “dares”, because to dare is a contest to new experiences.
They are proud of being authentic and definitively for the search with his pear,
new experiences. Passionate and tenacious. Why settle for less?
They like challenges and when it comes to flavors, they take the first step… until it
achieves what is desired.

Venezuela es el país de los mejores rones del mundo, su clima y el empeño de su gente hacen posible este grandioso destilado.

Cada barrica de roble cuenta una historia, que empieza desde la siembra de la caña de azúcar hasta el proceso de destilado. Una historia que se transforma en este apreciado licor que llamamos ron.