Sangrita Castiza Gourmet Artesanal

The sangrita had its origin in the famous tequilero state of Jalisco, in a bar run by Doña Guadalupe Sánchez and her husband José. That’s where it was offered to all the people who arrived, tourists, locals and lovers of distilled, tequila accompanied by a drink based on hot sauce, Citrus juice, English sauce and grenadine and gradually became more famous and became the inseparable companion of Mexican tequila.

Sangrita is traditionally the best friend of tequila, although nowadays it can also be considered as a delicious accompaniment to mezcal and beer as well as an ingredient to prepare delicious dishes.


It is a gourmet sangrita, with ingredients of natural origin, with great flavor and body.

  • Allows you to experience the taste of a “home made” Sangrita in a bottle available at your table.
  • It can be paired with your favorite tequila, mezcal, beer, or vodka to create special drinks like Micheladas or Bloody Marys.
  • Sangrita Castiza is also versatile in the kitchen as an ingredient for gazpacho, ceviche, and marinades.
  • Its thickness and density characterize it as a product of artisanal elaboration. 100% Vegan product. It does not contain alcohol.

SANGRITA CASTIZA is a reinterpretation of the original sangrita recipe, with carefully selected ingredients that allows you to experience the taste of a “house” Sangrita in a bottle available at your table. No chemical preservatives. 100% Vegan. 100% Natural. Product does not contain alcohol.