Three Tartans Blended Scotch Whiskey

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Three Tartans blend is a type of Scotch whiskey and its creation is from a single distillery, which makes it so pure, that is, it is not a product of mixing whiskeys from different distilleries, Three Tartans single malt achieves through the distillation of fermented malt from cereals such as wheat, barley and corn, in single malt only barley is used, along with other important ingredients such as water and yeast.

Three Tartans Its characteristics make it perfect for the most demanding palates, it has a unique flavor on the palate and, unlike other whiskeys, it is perfect to drink on any occasion, with friends, at your favorite bar or even mixed in a delicious cocktail.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Malted and toasted barley, fine, fresh, smoked notes, light aroma of dry oak.

Taste: Oily and unctuous with average viscosity, dry, recalls very well the oak wood and smoke of the toasted malt, fruity.