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Sangrita Castiza Gourmet Artesanal Arrives

Sangrita Castiza is a craft preparation that takes us back to the traditions of our ancestors. Mix the taste of our beliefs with that of our land to accompany the ritual of tasting. Sangrita Castiza is an extraordinary artisanal companion in the mixology ritual, perfect for your drinks such as beer,...

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Whispering Oaks Winery Joins IWS

Our wines are created with fresh blueberries harvested and fermented with care to create a unique table wine that is far from ordinary. This great blend of delicious nectar tantalizes and teases the taste buds. LIVE HEALTHY! Intense characteristic fresh blueberry color and flavors. This medium bodied, semi-sweet wine is...

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Rock Rose Scottish Gin Arrived

DISTILLERS OF EXCEPTIONAL SPIRITS Elizabeth and Margaret OUR COPPER STILLS It is a tradition in distilling, a bit like it is in ship building, to give your still a lady’s name. Elizabeth It is a tradition in distilling, a bit like it is in ship building, to give your still a lady’s name....

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Bodegas LAN Verdejo Arrived 2022

Olga Tormo represents Castilian rigour and the identity of Verdejo. María Barúa is the heart and soul of LAN, the custodian of a style. Two women; four hands working towards the same goal. That’s how our LAN Verdejo was born.

Ron Roble®

Rum Roble®, the exceptional taste of Venezuela Four friends came together to create the best rum in the world, committed to excellence, fueled by passion and the certainty that there are no shortcuts when the goal is to create something truly exceptional. We invite all the rebels that question the status...

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Lanique Spirit of Rose

Lanique was first created in 1785 in The Kingdom of Prussia and imbibed by European aristocracy across the empires of Prussia, Hungary, Austria and the Two Sicilies. Lanique is the pure distillation of 18th- century splendor in this modern world. Creating – Spirit of Rose Made from natural ingredients to the original...

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IWS Visita Ron Centenario

Ron Centenario ha sido reconocido por los expertos de mayor renombre alrededor del mundo. Nuestra calidad, galardonada con más de 62 premios internacionales, entre ellos “Rum Of The Year 2016” otorgado por el prestigioso Congreso Internacional de ron Madrid, nos consolidan como el Ron de Costa Rica por su...

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Ron Centenario

Everything that makes Costa Rica extraordinary is also reflected in Ron Centenario. We value the sustainable use of natural resources, as well as the fair treatment of our workers. Our employees receive wages that are higher than average, and they also enjoy a host of other benefits and privileges...

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