Aguardiente Blanco del Valle

The chroniclers of the Indies narrate that there was a liquid from the sugar cane with a bittersweet flavor whose name came from the Latin ‘Aqua Arden’, that is, “water that burns” the same that over time would become known as aguardiente, a drink that has since become part of our culture as that spirit elixir, an inseparable companion of manifestations of joy, encounter, and revelry.


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The Industria de Licores del Valle, (ILV), emerged 99 years ago, and with it, its star brand: Aguardiente Blanco del Valle.
The ILV is a commercial industrial company of the state, specializing in the production and commercialization of alcohols and liqueurs.
It was established in 1921 and is currently using advanced technologies guaranteeing the high quality of the products that are made; complemented by a work team characterized by daily and permanent commitment.