Anis del Mono


The history of Anís del Mono begins in the late nineteenth century and is full of anecdotes from different parts of the world.

A business gift, a nice little monkey from America, which Vicente Bosch received ended up baptizing the brand.

A romantic story, inspired the design of our iconic bottle when Bosch himself was looking for a special gift for his wife and it was in the Place Vendôme in Paris where he found the perfect perfume and, with it, the inspiration for his diamond-cut bottle that has become an icon.

Anís del Mono Dulce is a classic drink made from natural anise and other aromatic plants that give it that unique and recognizable flavor. A classic that continues to reinvent itself over the years and that can be used in endless recipes and cocktails.

The grana of natural anise and other aromatic plants are distilled in copper stills, obtaining the essential oils that will be mixed with cane sugar, demineralized water and neutral alcohol of first quality. This is how the anise mixture is obtained, which is then gently shaken, filtered and finally bottled.